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Mobilizing Youth Project is a regional organization based in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area that strives to amplify the youth voice in politics and activism.


We advocate for progressive policies and social change and get youth involved through engaging in projects such as:

  • organizing events such as town halls, panels, and rallies/protests

  • meeting with and writing to lawmakers and candidates

  • partnering with other youth organizations to create a larger network of youth organizers

  • helping youth gain internship and volunteer opportunities with progressive campaigns


Young people are some of the most socially progressive citizens and it is our duty to ensure that they, too, are given a voice.  

We are open to ideas from any members and we encourage any young person in the Fredericksburg area to join us!





       The Mobilizing Youth Project began when four young activists, inspired by the work of so many young people around the nation, decided to come together and create a platform to activate the youth. As firm believers of social justice and activism, the original members emphasize that participation in government should not be restricted to only those over the age of 18. Policies and legislation affect everyone, including young people. The youth have finally passed the older generations as the largest voting demographic, but we can only make a difference if we encourage each and every one of them to register and vote! This is why a major pursuit of the Mobilizing Youth Project is to get out the vote. 

       If you share the same passion for change and you would like a platform to pursue activism, find out how you can become a member by contacting us! All young people are welcome to join.

Navraj is an activist, organizer, and student based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He is passionate about getting young people involved in politics and activism, which lead him to help co-found Mobilizing Youth Project. He is a member of the Women’s March Youth Cohort, a national team of activists that lead the youth arm of the Women’s March organization. He is on March for Our Lives D.C.’s lobbying collective, a team of young people in the D.C. area that push for common sense gun legislation. Previously, Navraj interned under Abigail Spanberger for Congress, supporting the candidate’s progressive and democratic views. His advocacy work has allowed him to speak on platforms like BBC World. Outside of activism, Navraj enjoys art, debate, and Model United Nations and attends the Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference annually with his team.

Joyce Jiang
Creative Outreach Director

Joyce, an advocate for art in activism, is a 16 year old student and passionate creator from Stafford, Virginia. As a first-generation Chinese-American, Joyce aspires to be the voice for those who aren’t being heard in our communities and contribute to the empowerment of womxn of color. An advocate for immigration rights and equality, action against gun violence in all communities, as well as being the voice for others who aren’t being heard, Joyce, a junior at Mountain View High school, is a Founding Mother of the school’s Third Wave, an empowering social justice, youth activism club. Merging her two passions of arts and activism, better known as ‘artivism’, she is the designer for the coming clothing brand ‘Young Revolutionaries’, designer and Art/Marketing Manager of the Homegirl Project, and Artistic Director of Overachiever Magazine. She is also on March for Our Lives DC Chapter lobbying collective with Team Enough. Joyce is also an avid photographer, web designer, and a bullet journal enthusiast. 

Dulanda is a junior at North Stafford High School. Her ambition to achieve equality and justice for people of color drives her passion for activism. Saintcyr has spent her high school career conducting extensive research on racism’s impact on youth development, and published a novel on the topic (May 2018). She is currently serving her second term as President of Stafford County’s NAACP Youth Council, first term as Vice President of Girl Up at her school, second year on her school’s Varsity Dance Team, and is a member of the Superintendent’s Equity, Diversity, and Opportunity Committee, overseeing Gifted Education & Specialty Program Access.

Eesha Randhawa is a Junior at Massaponax Highschool. Since learning of feminism, it has become a fundamental part of her identity, just as much as her femininity is. Growing up, she was always an avid writer, learning to express herself through the structures of prose and poetry and surrounded by a wide array of artists and authors to look up to. Her spirit for activism was first awakened when she learned of the revolutionaries that changed history for her parents country and the culture she holds pride in. Eventually, her spirit led her to the March For Our Lives where she learned that she is surrounded by those who want to make a difference, later working with her peers to organize a Town Hall For Our Lives where she also helped employ voter registration. Her writing is incorporated into the Design for the Young Revolutionaries shirt, a clothing brand created with her friend and Partner, Joyce Jiang. She has been President of her School’s Red Cross Chapter (currently VP), Debate Category Captain, a sport in which she has participated since seventh grade, founder and President of Women Panthers’ Girl Up which strives to advocate for feminism and intersectionality on a local and global scale, and is a member of Mental Health America, an organization striving to reduce the stigma of depression and mental illness in her community. Her voice and her words have always been her weapon of choice in the fight for equality, and she hopes to inspire others to use theirs also.



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please email: mobilizingyouthproject@gmail.com or fill out the following form

Fredericksburg, Virginia


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