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Mobilizing Youth Project is working with progressive campaigns for elected office in Virginia to give young people in the area internship and fellowship opportunities. Many political campaigns have large teams but lack strong youth involvement. This needs to change.


However, it may be difficult for youth to gain these campaign positions if they lack the connections and experience necessary to do so. We are breaking this barrier by partnering with various campaigns to recruit youth interns and fellows. We hope to expand the youth voice in our state’s politics to ensure that their interests are, too, being represented.

A campaign internship or fellowship can be an amazing opportunity to gain exposure to how a campaign works from the inside. It can allow one to be a part of a team working to elect a candidate to an office where they will make important decisions at the state level. Some work that campaign interns and fellows could be involved in include:

  • Making phone calls to recruit volunteers or reach out to voters

  • Conducting research for the campaign

  • Training new campaign volunteers

  • Helping organize canvass launches

  • Learning a campaign’s field strategy

And much more.

Our campaign partners are looking for youth who are passionate about politics and can gain from having internship or fellowship experience while also contributing their own skills to the campaign.


A campaign internship will require about 10-15 hours of time commitment per week during the summer.


Apply for a campaign position today and we will connect you to a campaign for an interview. If we are not already partnered with a campaign in your area, apply anyways and we will try to match you with them. We will try our best to ensure that we give as many young people internship opportunities as possible!